We at SMV Sales, LLC., a multifaceted business with 22 years experience in the textile screen printing & embroidery business, as well as sales, marketing and the advertising specialties industry.
We have historically created sales and/or premium and employee incentive programs for some of the largest companies in the New York tri-state area. These include companies such
as Proctor & Gamble, The New York Times, The Sports Authority, Wendy's, The Fashion Cafe, WMGQ/WCTC Radio, and WFAN Sports Radio 66AM, The New Jersey Devils Youth Program,
The CJ Foundation for SIDS, and the Tomorrow's Children's Fund. We also entered into an agreement with WFAN Sports Radio 66 AM in New York to produce and market a line of activewear called "Fanwear".
As ASI members we also have unlimited sourcing capability for premium and incentive products such as frisbees, key rings, molded chocolates, etc.

What WE Want?
We are interested in forming long-term relationships with key retailers, corporations and manufacturers in their respective markets. It would be an advantage to have a production, warehousing,
sales facility & showroom that is local, community based, and competitively priced in the immediate vicinity of the New York district. We can create, produce and private label a unique line of products,
designed exclusively for our customers.

What We Offer?
Our design and distribution services, our screen printing & embroidery services, our in house art staff, buying power, ability to private label and source a multitude of products. Our creativity and flexibility.
A unique hands on relationship, quick turn around, competitive pricing, loyalty and honesty.

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Last modified: June 26, 2012